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Multi Function Barn


Tuberville, INC.

Colchester, VT


This project offered a challenge of combining multiple uses in one structure, on a limestone ridge line.


The project goal was to create a structure that could offer housing for tools and a tractor, act as a workshop space, provide shelter for small ruminates(goats,sheep), act as an office for Tuberville’s mission of offering local farm fresh storage food  to needy families, and to have a small greenhouse that would serve as a seed starting center and heat generator on the south side.


The barn site was located amongst overgrowing oak, pine, butternut, hickory, and cedar. Due to the excess in trees on site and the desire to build with site allocated materials, we milled all lumber on site.


During fall of 2007 all Logging and sitework was performed  by WFS with assistance from  a 30,000 lb excavator for destumping and grading purposes.


The site’s uneven sloping ground made it necessary to adapt a slab on grade to two stepped, shallow frost protected slabs joined by a buttressed retaining wall. The slabs offered load bearing capacity on thickened edge while the retaining wall was made from surface bonded dry stacked concrete block.


Whole Farm Services provided all land clearing, site work, materials recycling, agroforestry consulting, and foundation work. Construction of all wood elements was done by One Tree Timber Framing in conjunction with WFS.


Lumber used in stable and shed was milled from on site felled and milled rough Hemlock, Pine, and Cedar.  Approx. 3,500 bf.


The multi function barn consists of: Greenhouse, Gear Shed, Stable, Workshop, Studio, Apartment, and Cupola.





Shallow frost protected thickened edge slab on top of 3-18”of  1-1/2” washed stone.



Drystacked grouted, and surface bonded retaining, load bearing foundation wall buttresses provide support and strong bracing for stall and stanchion placement.



A deer or two would come by for a nibble on the cedar, most everyday.



Barn floor slab- shallow frost protected slab on grade 12” thickened edge, 6” slab over 2” pinkboard foam insulation.



Pouring the upper slab. Chris screeds the graded lift while the rest of the crew places the concrete.



The first wall goes up September 2007. Keith Morris, Tony Bader in picture.

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