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Other past clients :

  • State of Vermont Transportation Department
  • Silvermine Farm
  • Hancock Shaker Village
  • The Farm School
  • Sterling College
  • CISA- Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
  • Many residences and homesteads


Selected Projects


Greywater and Rain Catchment Duck Pond


Cogenerating Passive Solar Greenhouse


Passive Solar Greenhouse


Multi Function Barn


Honey Storage Facility


Seasonal Housing



Selected Projects

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Whole Farm Services Projects


The following projects offer a glimpse of what we have provided in the past.

These projects were selected for their focus on renewable energy, sustainability, multiple functions and the scope of work we are offering. We are thankful to work with clients who are taking the necessary step toward creating a sustainable farm or home. In this way we hope to inspire by sharing ways that ecological design and working farm knowledge can synthesize a truly sustainable project.



Honey Gardens/Caledonia Spirits

Hardwick, VT-2009-10

Honey Gardens and Caledonia Spirits contracted Whole Farm Services, llc. to build their new Meadery and distillery in Hardwick, VT.

Construction time: 3.5 months

The first wine production will begin this winter. This facility alone will allow more than 5 farms to begin or expand this year to meet growing demand for local food. Read More.





Irrigation Pond & Landforming

Crescent Moon Farm

Hyde Park, VT-2009

Cranberry Chinampas and more..

This project exemplifies PA Yeoman's concepts for water storage on farms . In 2010 we constructed a Road, spring fed pond, composting pad and filtration swale and a pad for myceliated compost, All for the operations of our medicinal herb and fruit farm. Read More.




Root Cellar Retrofit and Foundation Repair

Montpelier, VT -2009

In this full repair job we repaired an old stone foundation and created a 5 chamber root cellar using ferrocement and Insulation. Requiring intensive efforts at mechanical retrofit, and relocation as well as all internal and external load stabilization.

.. Read More.



Barn Foundation Repair

and Stabilization

Craftsbury, VT- 2009

In this multi year repair job we repaired an old block foundation with ferrocement, added a drainage swale, and lowered a roof to shed snow right. Our first experiment in cast in place stone art.


.. Read More.



Greywater and Rain Catchment
Duck Pond


Pug Hill Farm
Moretown, VT


This project consisted of building a small duck pond utilizing greywater flowing out of a constructed wetland into an EPDM lined pond. Read More.



Cogenerating Passive Solar Greenhouse

Wild Branch Valley Farm

Craftsbury, VT- 2006


Earthbermed mushroom cave cogenerating heat for and with a 20’ x 48’ greenhouse. Read More.



Passive Solar Greenhouse


Dana Hill Farm
Waitsfield, VT-2004-06


This project called for creating a greenhouse attached to the south side of a house that would provide auxiliary heat and a buffer to cold for the main house structure. Read More.



Multi Function Barn


Tuberville, INC.
Colchester, VT

This project offered a challenge of combining multiple uses in one structure, on a limestone ridge line.

Read More.


Honey Storage Facility


Honey Gardens

In 2008 Whole Farm Services built Honey Gardens first 24’ x 36’ raw honey storage facility. Cost = $30 sf.

Read More.


Seasonal Tiny Houses


Lake Winnepesaukee- Spider and Church Islands
With Docktor’s Construction

These projects exemplify seasonal, small and, tiny housing for guests, workers, and low impact alternatives for your own personal retreat. These super small cabins are easy to heat, easy to clean, and are very affordable to build and maintain. 

Read More.




Current Projects

Steam Generator/Biochar Retort

Wild Branch Valley Farm

A wood fired steam generator is currently finishing up in design, slated for construction in summer 2010. A gasifying masonry chamber will use wood to efficiently burn and produce steam over 1 million btu's.

This pivotal infrastructure will allow Wild Branch Farm to rely solely on wood and biomass for it's heating needs for a Mushroom lab and other buildings. Additional use will be to create biochar for use on farm and projects.

Root Cellar/Cabin

Crescent Moon Farm

a 24' x 24' root cellar will be built as our first storage space here on the farm in Hyde Park, VT. A small passive solar shed roofed cabin will be built on top of this cellar

Solar Drying Structure

Crescent Moon Farm

A hoop house structure is being converted into a drying structure for preserving vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs for storage and sale.


Erosion Control and Watershed protection

Homestead on Lake Champlain- Milton, VT

Massive erosion took place, displacing 45+ yards fo soil into Lake Champlain prior to the new owners purchase several years ago. Building Cedar stairs, and repairing riparian corridor and water flow to gain access to the lake and prevent further erosion of steep bank and cliff into hillside. One of our first test projects with some new products.


Radon sealing and Foundation Repair

Homestead- South Hero, Champlain Islands, VT

Sealing parts of a basement floor with ferrocement to protect air quality from radon gases and to make space more useable.


Farm Master Planning and Barn Design

Chestnut Trees Farm- Tivoli, NY

WFS has been contracted to design the operations of Chestnut Trees Farm. This farm will be raising hybrid and american chestnuts as well as other native street trees on a small diverisified farm in the Hudson Valley.


Passive Solar Greenhouse/Addition

YAPO Farm-Bedford, MA


Planning and structural design for a thermal mass enhanced (using insulated cubic forms) passive solar addition with a greenhouse acting as a primary heat source. Project is being comprised of a root cellar, greywater system, Spare room. and extra bathroom with composting toilet. Rain catchment and storm water are being addressed via small pond and swale system. 






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