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August 2008-Present

Seasonal Tiny Housing


Lake Winnepesaukee- Spider and Church Islands

With Docktor’s Construction



These projects exemplify affordable seasonal housing for guests, workers, and low impact alternatives for your own personal retreat. These cabins are easy to heat, easy to clean, and are very affordable to build and maintain.  We have built many of these over the years, and were taught the value of them by Peter King of Bakersfield back in 1999.



These cabins were  built in conjunction with Docktor’s Construction out on Lake Winnepesaukee and comprise the restoration of an old church camp built in the early 1900's.

These tiny cabins feature:

  • Electricity- on or off grid
  • Insulated for three or four season use
  • Foot prints from 10 x 12 and smaller to avoid building permits
  • Water access by hand pump or well
  • Heat via propane, wood, or solar hot air
  • Lofts for sleeping
  • Passive solar orientation
  • Pier or root cellar foundations


Tiny houses or cabins can be built of a myriad of materials and styles from conventional stick frame to timber frame or straw bale and cob. Your budgets, design, concepts and the long term use depict the cost and size of the building.

We also offer:

  • Kits and designs- inquire within.
  • Dried in buildings-We let you finish them yourself.



A tiny cabin going up along the shoreline of Lake Winnepesaukee. This cabin is replacing a cabin of the same size footprint that was built in the 1920’s by a church group. Hence the name – Church Island. The new cabin will feature- composting toilet, hand water pump, deck, lake views, and two separate rooms- bedroom, and living space.



An old ice house slated for reconstruction in 2009. Whole Farm Services is excited to have a chance to rebuild this iconic structure into a usable space again. 

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