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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:
How much is enough?"

– Wendell Berry

Crop Storage Services

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Cold and Humid storage area in Montpelier, VT basement retrofit


Crop, Root, Wine, and Food Storage




<> Home Scale Cellars

Storage spaces for the home and family.

<> Farm and Institutional Scale Cellars

Storage Spaces for larger volumes of crops and food.

<> Walk-in Coolers

Mechanically cooled walk-in type coolers.



Learn more about the energy savings and regenerative aspects of our structures.


We offer several services to help you create a food storage structure or space for your farm, home or institution:




We offer custom designed spaces for Farm storage projects, residential basement, kitchen retrofits, and new construction of full food storage facilities to meet your unique food storage needs, conditions, and places. Our design team offers experience as builders and innovators in the renewable energy and agricultural fields.


Spec Drawings


We offer several premade root cellar designs with associated construction drawings, materials lists, and mechanical drawings. You can use these to inspire and create your own space for food storage. Available online in December- inquire within about your specific needs.



Ventilation and Insulation Services

The first step toward a full basement retrofit, an energy savings boost, and a great way to begin to learn about natural cold storage and food preservation.




We offer 1 hour to 1 day rates for consulting on projects within North America. We apply a 5% discount of our day rates for non profits, reservations and CSA’s. We also accept certain forms of natural capital in trade for our consultations. 


Beets stored in wooden crates.


Materials we use:


For caves, monolithic structures, retrofits, and existing walkin modification. Allows for the optimal adjustment of thermal mass and insulation.



Foundation material in flat roofed and additions including root cellars, the highest thermal mass values.


Cinder Block

For the cold and humid storage spaces and for new construction including a floor system for a building.


Concrete Board

for retrofits and walkins, our cheapest but lowest thermal mass material.


Insulated Cubic Forms

For warmer and drier storage spacesinclude as foundation for a building.



As an exterior and interior veneer, and for some interior load bearing capacities. Generally used for façade appearances in residential projects. Second highest thermal mass capacity.


Other Food Storage Structures we design and build:

  • Ice Houses—for storing ice from hydrants or ponds
  • Pantries—for ground level food storage adjacent kitchens
  • Clamps—structures for outdoor and field storage
  • Insulated cookers—super insulated boxes that allow for reducing cooking energy and retaining nutrients
  • Smokers—masonry and hybrid metal systems from salvaged parts.

Our skills in building, farming, food service, and design are leading the way in our innovative take off of this ancient technology.


Contact us now to see how you can create food storage and start helping to rebuild your local economy.

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