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What is Agroforestry?


Agroforestry is a universal indigenous practice combining the management of forests and fields and their edge ecosystems for food, fuel, and fodder.


Using biomimicry to replicate natural processes such as fire, disturbance, browsing, and culling for management. These practices create integrated sustainable systems that meet the needs of people while providing invaluable habitat for biodiversity, ecosystem and watershed health.


Agroforestry practices offer effective ways at reducing carbon footprints, creating stable production sources, build soil tilth, remediate nutrient runoff, and conserve soils and watersheds. In addition they build natural capital through the appreciation and maturing into long-term productive systems that offer sustainable yields with reduced inputs. This helps farms meet their bottom lines and realize more consistent revenues.


At Whole Farm Services we offer innovative management plans and services to integrate agroforestry systems into your farm or homestead. Contact us with any inquiries on how to diversify your farm and plan for the future.


Agroforestry Links


Plants for a future -

Database of 7,000 plants useful for forest gardening and agroforestry.


World Agroforestry Centre - - scientific research and development to address global poverty, hunger, and environmental concerns.


USDA Natonal Agroforestry Center - - USDA's informational website about initiatives and programs.


Wikipedia- - provides definiton and explanation on agroforestry

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