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Duck Pond

Greywater and Rain Catchment
Duck Pond


Pug Hill Farm

Moretown, VT


This project consisted of building a small duck pond utilizing greywater flowing out of a constructed wetland into an EPDM lined pond.


To aerate water a small 12 direct PV operated pump moves water into a stream with 5’ of head through a 1.5” flexible buried pipe. Water cascades down into pond and introduces oxygen back into the system through a hand built stream.


Grey water runs separate from blackwater out of the house into the constructed wetland where it interacts with plant roots and crushed/washed stone. From there it gravity feeds through  a sand filter into the pond keeping it filled during the dry season.


Rainwater is caught from the east side of house and is moved into a catchment tank with overflow running into the stream via underground lines. It enters at the head of the stream, and then works its way down into the pond  keeping it topped off and introducing clean, fresh, cold water.



12v direct Solar Photovoltaic powered stream. 16gpm. 1-75watt panel. Polemounted array. Offering aeration while the sun is shining off direct PV and auxiliary power from main 2.4kw PV house system.



Ducks have access to water, and the flora and fauna of a wetland and pond offering them a wider variety of diet and thus healthier eggs and meat. Free ranging animals like this live healthy happy lives where they are loved and receive appreciation from the people who derive energy and sustenance from them. 



A small passive solar duck house was also built to take advantage of optimum light, but allowing for three full wall with no other breaks in them. Leaving for a tighter, warmer space for the ducks throughout the winter. 12v lighting system was installed for added day length and egg production from the existing PV system.



Site felled and milled Hemlock and Pine offered good wood to craft a uniquely shaped, passive solar duck house. Nesting boxes offer easy egg access off the back side, while front doors offer two different ways to open, for summer, winter, and for easy cleaning.

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