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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:
How much is enough?"

– Wendell Berry


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About Whole Farm Services



La Crescent Plums at Prospect Rock Farm. August 2009.


Whole Farm Services is a collective of innovative farmers utilizing sustainable practices to design and build regenerative and cogenerative farm infrastructure. Our farms exemplify agroforestry methods, ecological design, accepted agricultural practices, and renewable energy to create working landscapes that build natural capital and long term healthy systems.


We work with farms, businesses, institutions, and home owners to create projects that utilize the simplest, most effective, renewable solutions needed to reduce energy use, implement regenerative systems, and plan for long term sustainability



Greens growing in ferrocement bed with drip irrigation. Wild Branch Valley Farm. July 2009.


The demands of climate change, population growth, and energy offer unique opportunities for farms all over the world to create new sustainable systems that build long term wealth and localize communities. Through investment in carbon sequestering, energy reducing, and food producing systems, our projects reduce greenhouse gases, soil erosion, and fossil fuel use while creating returns on investment that are measured in natural capital, profits, and kilowatt hours and pounds of carbon saved.


Our projects range from construction drawings and finished infrastructure to land use management and farm business plans. We use ecological principles to guide design, and solve complex operational and production problems. Our experience has always taught us that the answers are often hidden in the problem, simpler is usually more effective and sustainable, and that waste is usually a potential resource


We offer decades and generations of farming experience amongst our crew and we are always striving to be better stewards and cultivators of the Earth.



Seasonal Cabin on Lake Winnepesaukee, NH. Built with minimal impact and no excavation. Sept 2008.


We incorporate technology in ways that are appropriate and reduce overall energy needs of the project. By implementing these very practices and techniques at our farms we stand behind our work and its ability to meet the demands of production and energy efficiency.


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To provide innovative services and products that help farms meet the needs of their immediate, local, and regional communities.



To be an integral part of an interconnected web of small businesses, farms, and communities working together to create sustainable economies and ecologies.

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