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Honey Storage Facility


Honey Gardens



In 2008 Whole Farm Services built Honey Gardens first 24’ x 36’ raw honey storage facility. Cost = $30 sf.


This building was designed for:

  • Affordability- Using agricultural designs, trusses, and steel skin offers savings in construction, design, and product costs to the honey customer.
  • Reuse- Using steel skin offers initial affordability, and material can be used in future farm structures for chickens, bees, and other animals that are not concerned with aesthetics.
  • Future Use- Consideration was given to usgin the structure for production in the future.
  • Access- Having honey stored right next to the main honey house offers major savings in moving honey around and having storage onsight while not in the way.



Simple Truss design  using 6’ OC 2”x6” on 6’ centers , provides light roof structure and just enough pitch to dump snow with metal roof.



The pole barn framed out. A light shell to provide Dry storage for Honey. Oct 2009.  Carpenter Tim Clark in picture.



A shed on the back makes for easy storage of tools and carts.

Clear Roof Panels allow daylight into building for reduced electrical needs.

Metal sheathing can be reused in 25 years for animal structures.



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