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Whole Farm Training and Education


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Our Educational courses and training programs offer:

Experienced Staff/Instructors-

  • All instructors have been farming for 10+ years, most have their own farms, and some have long family histories with farming and the trades.
  • Many of our instructors have formal training in the education field.

Hands on experience-

  • All programs combine academic and hands on training to different degrees.
  • Through experiential education activities we teach how to be comfortable and proficient

Guided Manuals and Educational Tools-

  • Our programs often come with deep manuals culminating the wisdom of our own training and studies with our own additional work for reference .
  • Intern staff help to build the manuals each year making them more comprehensive and broad in scope.

Techniques, methods, and Skills-

  • It's not enough to learn the nomenclature and principles of agriculture and agroforestry,
  • We teach innovative systems based faring, but our every day applications are what count- you'll learn how to maximize your efficiency on the farm through invaluable sets of skills learned by doing.

Real Farm Settings-

  • All of our farms are developing and working agroforestry farms.
  • Many of our farms are at early stages of development and offer unique opportunites for participants to watch them change.