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Residential and Homestead Cellars
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Residential and Homestead Scale Storage


Our residential and homestead storage cellars and retrofits are usually between 600 and 1,600 cubic feet depending on lifestyles, space, and land or garden constraints.


Residential Retrofits

These spaces and chambers utilize existing basements and areas where exposure to underground walls and cool areas will buffer and add cooling power. We super insulate and add thermal mass to the inside of the space and create the specific conditions necessary for the foods you wish to store.   Average 600-1,600 cubic feet.


Residential Root Cellars

For the avid gardener, large family, and location to allow for 800-1,600 cubic foot space. We have designed for:

  • Attached subterranean cellar- with access from existing house. Allows for larger spaces created to exact specifications resulting in the best access, most energy savings, and least amount of outdoor winter exposure. Optional bulkhead for garden access.
  • Stand alone root cellar- Walkout or completely subterranean cellar offering ease of construction, geothermal protection, access to garden, and larger storage spaces.