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Myceliated Mulch
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Grow Edible Mushrooms in the mulch in your Garden!

Edible stropharia mushrooms offer a portabello appeal while offering the resiliency of a mushroom that can thrive in the garden.

What are Myceliated Mulches?

Myceliated mulches are wood chips that are inoculated with various types of mushroom mycelium to provide an inoculum which can be used straight in the garden as a fungal-inducing mulch, or mixed with other substrates for expansion into mushroom propagation beds and other projects.


The Siberian Pea shrub below was mulched with King Stropharia inoculated mulch in 2008..

King Stropharia and Siberian Pea Shrub

Inoculated in 2008 as wood chip mulch on a raised sandy loam bed, on the south side of a siberian pea shrub, on the south side of the house- after 3 weeks with no rain. Growth flushes in the pea shrub were reported during and after the mushroom flushes. In 2009 i recorded 3 mushroom flushes throughout the summer.


Myceliated mulch offers:

  • Increased soil moisture capacity and absorption
  • Build soil carbon
  • Integrated mushroom and perennial growing system
  • Remediation of erosion and runoff pollution sources.
  • Expansion of beds by addition of carbon sources .
  • Increased nutrient availability to plants


Varieties for 2010:

  • King Stropharia -  Common name "Winecap" has a burgundy and/or white cap very similar to Portobello. Very vigorous and able to live in sandy soils.
  • Garden Oyster - Offers an oyster type mushroom in a more compact and hardy mushroom that can live directly within the soils.
  • Other species on a custom basis only.


Mulch is available in several sizes:

  • 1 cubic foot- $50 + shipping and handling( equal to 10 bags sawdust spawn)

  • 3.8 cubic foot bale -$75 + shipping and handling

  • 5.5 cubic foot bale - $100 + shipping and handling

  • 1 cubic yard(loose) - $125 + shipping and handling

  • 2 yard sling sack- $280 + shipping and handling

  • 7 cubic yards(loose) - $600 + shipping and handling

  • 14 cubic yards(loose) -$950 + shipping and handling

  • 25 cubic yards(loose) - $1,450 + shipping and handling


Delivery available to all northeastern states.


1 cubic yard will cover 100 square feet at 3".

If properly cultivated using our mulching guidelines it will inoculate 1-2,000 square feet in one year of time.

All orders come with an installation and maintenance guidelines informational.


Oyster mushrooms growing in straw and wood chip mulch at wild branch farm

Great for:
  • Vegetable and Perennial gardens
  • Myco-remediation
  • Erosion Control
  • Soil improvement
  • Farm Diversification
Available only from June 1st, 2010 and on. All Orders must be placed within 6 weeks of shipping date desired. 30% Deposit required to schedule shipping date. Shipping rates to be determined at times of sale.
- Pick up available after June 5th, 2010 at Wild Branch Farm in Craftsbury, VT.