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Barn Foundation Repair-

Craftsbury, VT

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Barn Foundation Repair-

Craftsbury, VT

Whole Farm Services was contracted to repair a large old dairy barn in Craftsbury, VT. This building was suffering from poor drainage, a buckling foundation, and a roof that needed to be lowered to allow gravity to remove snow instead of shovels.

This project was a challenge but reinforced our belief in ferrocement applications for less expensive foundation repair. We are proud to say we have stumbled upon an effective and affordable way to repair foundations, dry up basements and dirt floors, and enliven your foundation for 50 years or more.

We knew we could make gunite look good, but we didn't know it would come out looking so natural.- That is ferrocement carved into stone looking features for added beauty.


Drainage was required on the uphill eaves side where water had been collecting and not able to runoff, thereby causing lots of frost heaving and a very wet barn floor in the spring.

Stormwater being diverted away from the barn with silt catchment pond  in line. This pond creates an eddy effect by being perpendicular to the flow and offering a deeper pool for silt to settle into.

This crumbling and deteriorating dry-stacked concrete block wall was not grouted originally- ending up with massive and rapid buckling. Steel reinforcement awaits gunite application.

Glenn Coville places gunite onto existing deteriorating block wall. All voids are filled and reinforced with rebar and remesh to ensure a solid footing. This work was performed with very minimal jacking and bracing required.

Gunite nozzle and compressed air shoot the cement into deep cavities creating a thoroughly bonded structure.

Normal finish gunite wall repair in between two door openings.

Stone facade look underneath barn shop