Whole Farm Training is now offering intensive class and workshop based trainings. We are a group of seasoned professionals with over 10,000 hours each in our requisite fields of Gardening, Alchemy, Herbalism, Carpentry, Masonry, Farming, and Permaculture. We are sharing a host of technical programs for beginners to advanced learners.

Our internship and apprenticeships for the 2016 Winter/Spring/Summer farming and building seasons begin in April and May  2016. This intensive program will be based out of Eleven Acre Farm in Charlotte, VT and other associated farms and projects in the Champlain Valley.  Apprentices work for their trainings to build practical hands on skills. Their time is spent building the important methods, techniques, and disciplines related to the track they choose to focus on.

Our founder, Chris has been commercial growing for 20+ years and taught farming and building to hundreds of students since 2004.

Our founder, Chris has been commercial growing for 20+ years and taught farming and building to hundreds of students since 2004.

Program Track Descriptions:        

Farm Building Program – Participants get the chance to take part in masonry and carpentry projects and learn different skills related to building farm infrastructure. Intensive trainings to include building dry and wet laid masonry, tiny house, greenhouse, Biochar oven, solar kiln, drying shed, food machinery, and walk-in coolers and cold storage systems.

Farm and Food Program – Participants will develop intensive gardening skills, food preservation, manufacturing, GAP biochar, solar kilns, dehydrators, organic management, tractor skills, agroforestry and nursery skills, plant propagation, and pond & water management.

Medicinal Herbalism Program – Participants will learn how to grow, wild-craft, and make medicine from a diverse selection of plants working with certified herbalists and industry professionals. Intensive trainings will share wisdom on making extracts, plant id, material medica, GAP/GMP/Organic and how to design, plan and create a living in the industry.

Program Costs/Benefits –

Full Time Apprenticeship- Focuses on developing rote skills, expediency, strength, and skill in the basic labor involved in the trade, This is a work exchange that includes Food, product, classes , mentorship, and workshop work trade positions; 28-50 plus hours/week. April-Nov. min  28 hour/week + $700/mo. Includes Materials and food cost, tent platform.

Class Trainings Only – $1,900 (plus materials) meets once per week (Fridays) for 28 weeks from April to November.

Work Trade program –  Limited slots for work in trade for weekly classes only. Full trade (14 hours/week + materials) ; Half Trade(7 hours/ week + $950 + materials) schedule tbd. by need and availability- work trade begins in early April

Benefits –  Certification of apprentice training in respective programs; Up to 400 hours of direct hands on experience at completion; Learn from innovative instructors; Paid work opportunities; Bulk Food Buy-in Program; Educational Advising; Free products and produce as available.

Requirements: Cover letter and deposits required by March 15th to reserve placement in Classes. Interview required for apprenticeship. Payments or work trade contract must be received before start of program; Willingness to get dirty and work during trainings, Provide own transportation and meals; Provide and use outdoor apparel, protective clothing and basic tools as advised; Fulfill all necessary work trade agreements in timely manner.

Our new website: Whole Farm Training will be launched in late February/early March of 2016

For more info or to submit your cover letter and resume send to: wildbranchfoods@gmail.com

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