At WFS we are concerned with water: your drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, stormwater, and the wild streams and rivers flowing through your land.

We are also concerned with nutrients: natural and manmade fertilizers, holding the nutrients in the root zone, enabling those nutrients to be available, and preventing the net loss of those nutrients from agricultural production while protecting natural waters from excess.

We implement several methods of water and nutrient management:

• Planning productive riparian buffers

• Developing and implementing nutrient management plans

• Integrating ponds, berms, and swales into your landscape

• Designing and installing constructed wetlands and raingardens

Duck Pond

A duck pond adjacent to a constructed wetlands in Moretown, VT.

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  1. Marty Illick says:

    Nice business! Feel to to connect. We are happy to discuss and help enhance this aspect of your business.

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