Addition Plan

Addition Plan with Greenhouse and Root Cellar

From sketch to construction drawing we take your concepts and goals for farm and food development and create comprehensive programs that build durable infrastructure to make your farm or company a success.

Our designers have direct experience working on farms and are trained in building trades, architecture, engineering, ecological design and Permaculture.

Our offices are capable of Computer and Hand rendered design services allowing us to offer more affordable design services overall. We carry Adobe, CADD, VectorWorks, and energy modeling software to ensure each investment will be affordable, have a return through enterprise, and be built as functional and sustainable as possible.

  • Landscape- Site work plans, master plans, design details.

  • Housing – Micro and Full scale residential design utilizing natural and green materials.

  • Multi-function barns- Simple construction plans for complex and multiple function spaces.

  • Food Industry – Process, Facility, Energy, and Infrastructure plans for new and existing buildings.

  • Ponds/Irrigation – Drip, Mains, Pump stations, and all necessary hydraulics for farms of all sizes.

  • Animal structures – Simple, generic, ready made technical drawings¬†for Do it Yourself Folks

  • Mechanical/Shop drawings- We can show you the details of how to build your ideas

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