We offer these services:

Design/ Conceptual Graphics/Research

From sketch to construction drawing we take your concepts and goals for farm and food development and create comprehensive programs that build durable infrastructure to make your farm or company a success. Our designers have direct experience working on farms and are trained in building trades, architecture, engineering, ecological design and Permaculture.

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Water and Nutrient Management

At WFS we are concerned with water: your drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, stormwater, and the wild streams and rivers flowing through your land. We are also concerned with nutrients: natural and manmade fertilizers, holding the nutrients in the root zone, enabling those nutrients to be available, and preventing the net loss of those nutrients from agricultural production while protecting natural waters from excess.

Site and Operations Consulting and Planning

We speak organic and regenerative. Your land, site and operations mean a lot. We offer onsite and remote ways of sharing high value information and knowledge about GMP’s, GAP’s, Organic, and infrastructure related needs.



Our staff of skilled builders know the tricks of the trades when it comes to just about any type of construction. You name it we have had our hands in it- Stick Frame, Timber frame, Cobb, Ferrocement, Stone, Straw-bale, and many others. dedicated to quality and function we strive to include high quality in performance with affordability.

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Whole Farm Planning

We help you plan your farm business with our unique combination of the whole farm process and Permaculture planning models. We facilitate projects during phases of your farm’s growth, find the hidden resources that add value to your farm and crops bottom line, and we also offer implementation assistance on certain aspects of operations and production.

Greenhouses and Caves 2010

Wild Branch Valley Farm